Great news! Got all the feedback from the beta readers and have made the appropriate edits. I'm sending Fractured Past to the editor on the 31st! It's coming along everyone! I'll keep you posted, I have tentative plans to upload the first chapter on instafreebie in a week or so.



I did it! Just completed my first full length novel! Currently sitting at over 75,000 words but this is subject to change if I make alterations after beta reader feedback. Not to mention editing will change the word count too. Still! Over 75,000 words in document I created by myself! Its an amazing accomplishment and... Continue Reading →

Teaser Coming Your Way!

Hello everyone! Those who are subscribed to my newsletter will get a 1500 word teaser this Friday from Fractured Past! Don't forget to tell your friends! Thank you!

Almost Finished

I am so close to finishing Fractured Past guys! It has been an extremely busy week, excluding the author stuff. I feel like tomorrow will be the day where I can dedicate longer than an hour a day on my novel. Praying I can finish it up by tomorrow to send the final few chapters to... Continue Reading →

Fractured Past – Book One

Alanna isn’t sure what she is anymore. After the experiments, she’s cursed with a power she can’t control. Now, Alanna must seek out the very species that ruined her life; the talnarins. These creatures look much the same as humans, only they have otherworldly eyes that seem to glow. But the biggest difference is, they’re... Continue Reading →

Newsletter is up!

Great news everyone! Newsletter is now up and running! Those that subscribe will receive a newsletter with a cover reveal for Fractured Past on Friday!!! Thank you! And in other news: It been a really productive day! Got a PO box set up, set up the newsletter, sent the second half of the manuscript to my... Continue Reading →

Out Of Reach

Sorry everyone, I know I didn't post yesterday on any of my social media accounts or website. I have been unbelievably busy the past two days. And truthfully, I won't be back until Monday or Tuesday. A lot is happening, I'm graduating this weekend, moving out, and finishing the rest of my transcript to send... Continue Reading →

Busy Busy

It has been a busy day guys. Productive as hell too! First I had to take my Organic Chemistry Final then I had to talk with a women who was interested in taking over my lease at my apartment. Got home and logged into everything and found progress on the editing and cover art. So... Continue Reading →

Beta Readers

Whoop Whoop! Just sent the first half of my manuscript to my beta readers!! I would have sent more of the manuscript but I still haven't gone through the final read through for the rest of it yet. That my friends, is in progress!

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