Soot Angel
A beautiful arson investigator with a tragic past seeks the killer of a homeless child and uncovers a terrorist plot that threatens a foreign government.
The whitchling apprentice
Cassie thought that joining the coven was the first step to gaining her freedom. She was wrong.
firebird alex
Alex knows she’s different; other girls don’t burst into flames when they get angry.
blood and shadows
Assassins threaten to topple the kingdom of Tar Ebon. Only a small band of magical heroes stand a chance of stopping them.
A society of imaginary friends
Valerie Diaz has a power that she can’t contain, and it’s killing her. But a visit from the imaginary friend of her childhood opens a world of possibilities, including a new life half a universe away on a planet that is bursting with magic.
Shadow Sight
The adventure begins when a demon walks into Ivy’s office with a job she can’t refuse. The city of Harborsmouth is threatened by a legion of bloodthirsty faeries and Ivy might be the city’s only hope of survival.
An Ominous Book
The perfect life of the mortal elf Lord Spaulding ends up in a haywire when his best friend Trevilin dumps two distant human relatives at his doorstep one autumn day. Spaulding must find the way to bring both children back home and along the way, destroy a dangerous magical artifact before Master Lord Salman and the Äimite guard find out.
The Arrival
Four women from 21st century Earth wake on a foreign world. A world where myth is reality and sword & sorcery rule.
The Dragonslayers Sword
Astrid assumed all dragons should be killed – until she met one that changed her mind.
Caverns of Ice
When Prince Seth comes of age, hell’s minions rush to destroy him. With a dark army marching, he must find their weak point or the land will enslaved.

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