Short Story

Veona of Corlain is in the middle of a political storm, and with the forces of dark magic against her can she or her unborn child survive?
Quick Escape
Enjoy a taste of another world with these three fantasy stories including Bitten, The Fairy Flu, and The Enchanted Apothecary.
Heart o the woods
Home for the holidays, Pax discovers his role has been filled by a less-than-perfect replacement. Can he repair his broken relationships before returning to the Music Conservatory, or will he have to choose between his family and his dream?
An Assassins tool
When Kaber is killed right in front of Mathonwey, he is thrust into a race against time to solve the murder and find another source of nyepsium. If he loses, he is certain to fail his one and only chance to make Adept, have his hand cut off, and be cast out of the Institute forever.
After a rough week at work, Michael Willows goes out in search of a quick hook-up at his local bar. What he encounters there, is anything but ordinary. -This story involves foul language, graphic sexual content including a CONSENSUAL mating ritual between a male and female, a main character who’s a total jerk, humor, and a few plot twists and turns along the way.-

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